11Mar - London - Commutiny gardening day

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Thu Mar 8 18:30:59 GMT 2007

Fancy a bit of co-mutiny community gardening this Sunday? Down in
deepest darkest Whitechapel (east London), an amazing thing is starting to happen. A formerly disused and abused piece of land has been reclaimed and is starting to be turned into a garden, with the aim of having a place where people can interact with, take care of and just gain a greater understanding and respect for nature.
That all not to mention growing some fruit & veg and just having a place to enjoy!

The garden is still in its very early stages of transformation but with time, care and a bit of elbow grease, we really can work in harmony with nature to perform wonders and transform this place into a sanctuary in the city.

On the last couple of visits to the ever more greening site, seeds and
flowers have been planted and loads of glass has been collected to make some good ol' diy recycled cold frames (mini greenhouses), to keep those wee little seeds snug and cosy while it's still a tad bit cold for them.

So the plan to make green this cold concrete city is starting to happen!

Lots of stuff to be done, just bring your imagination and your green
fingers (however newly found)!

Meet up at 12pm this Sunday at LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel,
London E1 1ES

Hopefully see you then


stopthebomb at purplehills.net
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