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Tue Mar 13 20:37:06 GMT 2007

The Duchy of Cornwall is building houses
I could stop right there. Why?
The  second phase of Poundbury has been approved on 40 Hectares (about the 
size of 96 football pitches the size of Hampden Park.  Last year cows were 
grazing on the fields.  The land cost  the Duchy £nil,  in fact it with 
other farmland it earned £1million each year for the Prince  from CAP 
as farmland it was nominally worth £3,500 an acre. The site only, with 
planning permixssion is worth £1.25million per acre . then there are the 
profitable houses at perhaps 16 to the acre selling at  average  £300,000 +.
Poundbury is already a vast buildng site above our town. and is to more than 
double its size.

There is an assessed need in West Dorset for so called affordable homes, and 
a totally inadequate provision. this stems from the Social Housing Grant 
budget of £1.4billion for all the nation's  AH's needed in UK . Tomorrow the 
Chancellor is to allocate £20billion plus for Trident- for a mythical need.

the assessed real need is for social houses to be built 9:1 v houises for 
private sale, the actual is 1:9 or therabouts.  Housing provision has been 
handed over to the giant corporate builders. and housing policy to the bank 
of england.

The Government policy is cynical.  the Duke is only following the herd.
the solution I see to a cynical arms policy, Iraq policy and  housing policy 
lies in restructuring government
to make the representative arm accountable to a first chamber- the Assembkly 
of the people not elected but chosen by lottery. the throd arm is the  
sovereign.  teh whole peole is the sovereign and there is no room in a 
democracy for any Mrs Windsor.
the Commons have no right to decide the composition of teh second chamber. 
only the sovereign people have that right - read  Rousseau.

The sovereign people is the natural holder for  the  title deeds to all the 
land.If for no other reason we should campaign for an Assembly of the people 
as teh first chamber of government, keeping the mere house of 
representatives up to the mark- they have onkly been elected, the people 
Putting a cross once every five years is signing away your self government. 
The commons have themost reactinary record in history- they opposed every 
liberal measure for years It took fifty years to get them to pass the 
antislavery laws- they are being true to form when they ignore public 
opinion. all the reforms come from the people and are opposed by the 
commons, the lords and teh administration.
thee is a huge opportunity at teh next election NOT to vite, but to JOIN-  
and form the actual Assemblyof teh People.
Or just roll over.

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