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Distortions in the  'Mirror World' can be  corrected by  SOVEREIGN 
by James Armstrong

[not sure SPG, Special Patrol Group, is the right acronym ;-) ed.]

A constitutuional home, not a mere Land Registry'  is needed to hold sole title to the land.
There are specific answers to the housing crisis and also  constitutional answers to bring about such reforms to answer universal needs such as houisnbg and access to land and steps  to bring this  about. The specific housing answers include making permission specific to the occupier of new houses - which empowers the buyer not the seller, whether  landowner or housebuilder, Also increasing Social Housing Grant, Also increasing the ratio of social to private 9:1, Also prioritising self build when planning permission is granted,  (self build is profit-and exploitation-free, cheap, easy, self motivating 'buyer' friendly and common every where else). Also abandoniong housing estates and  dispersing the population into new villages, like the 'new towns' but prettier and  smaller.….


To bring it about  needs joining, not voting, since our 'democracy' is 
rigged.- imagine the idiocy of signing away your right to self-government once every five years with a pencil by voting for  'main chancers'!   The aim is  AN ASSEMBLY OF THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE, not our  present mock 'representative government' OUR MOTTO "Don't vote- join!" The people already are sovereign in a democracy.,.
The present model is a farce  just analyse it.  For instance there are four huge unelected corporate players
The City,the Bank of England , The EU, The Foreign Office (this one has the power of life and death which even the Home  Secretary doesn't) and another one, still trading on its reputation and living off the land -  the multinational monarchy and court. These are the  effective rulers to whom the relevant Ministries address their attention  - all ministers 'kiss hands'- with the monarch- all take the Treasury dole. PM , F.O.,the Treasury and unelected 'Whitehall' are the masters and such Ministers as 'housing', pensions,  home office, environment , health and education  are minnows.
'The People' (who are the government in a democracy) currently  have no control or  conversation with these big corporate institutions-War, 
alliances, jobs, subsidies to farmers, the Interest Rate, constitutional changes- all these huge decisions are 'off the map'  for voters. Houses are misused to profit the City and tweak inflation, not to house the people. 
Housing policy is off limits to people. It is to these  corporations that HMG (sic) conducts a secret, personal  privileged dialogue, and look for policy initiatives.

"The Peoples' interests are slighted , When 'commercial confidence' is cited."
HMG even proposes to change the government system,  'Lords' (sic) without reference to MP's. Why ask  the people?  'HMG' could legally  constitute a new 'House of Tyrants' . Would that be constitutional?
In what kind of democracy does the Government re-organise  government?
The way to bring about change is  awareness that we are being consistently constitutionally conned!

We already ARE the Assembly of the sovereign people  We ARE the Government in a democracy. Our sovereign is as old as the people.  We don’t need to be voted in . We can't be voted out. We shouldn't vote away our rights. We have the benefit of not being elected not watching our backs- not beholden to anyone- not 'chasing' power-not needing to play off 'us' versus 'them foreigners'  We already have sovereignty  in our midst, all we need to do is recognise it and claim it..

1      The Sovereign People  who hold sole title to the land
2      The People in Assembly chosen by lottery, holding to  account daily -
3   A  House of  Representatives -
4  An administration (Civil Service) answerable equally to the people, to the Assembly and to the House  of Representatives
-  with the Assembly deciding the election dates, blackballing corrupt  
Representatives, managing the Administration (Civil Service)  deciding what policies  need referenda and only they may make changes to the system of government.
The BBC has a vital role as the voice of informed dissent and the government is undemocratic when 'unavailable for comment.'

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