media help needed

james armstrong james36armstrong at
Tue May 15 13:32:07 BST 2007

I need volunteers to help get the enclosed letter, or a variation of it, the 
widest publicity. as a way of spreading the word.
I have sent it to P T
It is designed to make  the issue of the  land monopoly relevant and 
meaningful to peoples' needs and concerns.
volunteers could send it to different newspapers radio stations, tv 
producers etc
pse contact me if you are willing to help

The average daisy patch of grade A agricultural land large enough to put a 
house on is valued  £175 until the day  it receives planning permission when 
it jumps in value  to £62,500 at the present recommended house building 
If a mortgage is taken out  to cover this , the  repayments  cost £133,000  
over 25 years at 7.25% APR
This is for the land underneath the house only.
Is there any doubt about the cause of the  house price inflation currently 
running at around 10% p.a. ?

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