urgent to-day- effective squatting, Tuesday BBC2

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Mon May 21 11:00:50 BST 2007

Andrew Marr on the 1946 national Housing  Crisis. BBC2 Tuesday 9pm.
nearly 50,000 people were involved in a national squat in 1946.
In 1947 the  Town and Country Planning Act  facilitated building new houses 
in unprecedented quantities.
could the two things be connected?

It attempted to, to prevent exploitation of this need by landowners jacking 
up land prices.
( in the long term this was circumvented.)  correctly identifying land 
monopoly as one  cause of the  crisis.

what are the  lessons  for to-day?-

people in housing stress should combine
the  government will only listen to corporate bidies , not individuals.
good planning is essentially  facilitating not restrictive.
organising a national squat is  indicated.

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