Tara Land Defense // Celtic New Year Oct 31st - Nov 3rd

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Subject: Tara Land Defense // Celtic New Year Oct 31st - Nov 3rd

  Calling ALL PEOPLE to the defense of the Tara Valley, Ireland. Halt
  the destruction of this ancient sacred site by the proposed M3
  Motorway. We need you NOW! Diggers are destroying this World Heritage
  site NOW. , the ancient Celtic New Year. Also to come and support
  ongoing actions throughout the coming year.

  Please download attached flyer and poster, email to all contacts on
  your network. Print copies and distribute, particularly in public
  places.Network it to the maximum.Thanks from Tara Support.

  For more information

  www.tarapixie.net www.tarawatch.org
  www.circlecommunity.org www.savetara.com
  www.indymedia.ie www.indymedia.org.uk

'A people's art is the genesis of their freedom'.
Claudia Jones

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