Maori self-determination under threat in NZ

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Subject: [peopleincommon] update on Urewera 17 (New Zealand terror raids)
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Date: Oct 23, 2007 11:16 AM
Subject: update on Urewera 17

On 15th October, 300+ Police - in many cases armed - raided houses
throughout Aotearoa (New Zealand) making 17 arrests. The arrestees are
all activists in the Tino Rangatiratanga (Maori self-determination),
peace and environmental movements. They have initially been charged
with with various offenses relating to alleged past possession of
various firearms and ammunition; however police are considering laying
charges under the 2002 Suppression of Terrorism Act.

These aggressive raids are an attempt to criminalise dissent and smear
critics of government and corporate policies with the "terrorist"

You can find more information on or

A support website for the arrestees has been created with information
on support groups, background details, how to write to prisoners and
more, at

Most of those arrested have been denied bail and remain in prison. As
well as legal fees, they need help paying for their expenses while in
jail, such as: phone cards and toiletries; paying any bills they are
now unable to meet as in most cases their income has been or soon will
be stopped; and petrol costs to allow family and friends to visit

Please donate whatever you can. You can send money via Paypal to
prisonersupport at or use the following link:
(You don't need to have a Paypal account, you can pay directly with
your credit card.)

If you are currently in Aotearoa and want to donate, we ask you to
make a direct bank account deposit. Obviously we greatly appreciate
all donations however they are received, but Paypal charges a fee on
most transactions, while bank account deposits mean that all your
money can be used to help the prisoners.

The bank account details are:
Account Name: Peace Action Wellington
Account Number: 02-0536-0458570-00
Particulars/Code/Reference: LEGAL DEF

All the prisoners have our support, but donations will be prioritised
to the four arrested in Wellington simply because there are other
groups looking after prisoners in their local areas.

If you are not able to donate, here are some ways you can help from overseas:
- Forward this email as widely as you can
- Get the word out - educate yourself on what has been happening and
tell your friends, co-workers, family
- Write letters of support - messages emailed to
lettersforprisoners at will be printed and sent to those in
prison. Obviously do not write anything that may negatively impact on
the prisoners, yourself or someone else.
- If you speak another language, translate this email - and then pass it on.
- Post this information on your website, blog or independent media
site. See for the HTML for a
paypal button.
- Write letters of protest to your local New Zealand embassy or high
commission (contact details at
- Organise a solidarity demonstration - and send us pictures!
- KEEP UP THE FIGHT. The arrestees were all dedicated to making the
world a better place, one without war, oppression or the destruction
of the environment. Police violence, accusations of terrorism and
repressive legislation are all used to intimidate us and protect the
status-quo - but it is only by standing up in the face of all that
that we can really make a difference.

Kia Kaha (stay strong).                                                            

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