Eton sues its 'squatter'

Gerrard Winstanley news at
Wed Apr 2 02:52:17 BST 2008

Eton sues its 'squatter'

It has educated 18 Prime Ministers, a selection of Royals and an
untold number of distinguished alumni, but is Eton College about to
produce its first squatter?

The alma mater of Princes William and Harry is suing farmer Graham
Awbery for allegedly failing to pay rent and insurance - totalling
more than £18,000 - on the arable and stock farm he leases from the
college in Plumpton Green near Lewes, East Sussex.

Eton is also seeking to recover nearly £30,000 the farmer has failed
to pay following an earlier court action last August.

Mr Awbery took a 25-year lease on the farm in 1998. But, according to
the writ, he fell behind with the £35,000-a-year rent last September.

"This is not the first time we have had to go to court to recover rent
from Mr Awbery," says Eton's Estates Bursar, Adrian Harris. "His lease
has expired because he has not kept to the terms of it.

"If he stays, I suppose he would be a squatter and one would have to
take further action, but one hopes it doesn't come to that." 

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