Zimbabwe - external interference

alfred john Mendes tony at tlio.org.uk
Sat Apr 19 17:22:59 BST 2008


	Our eyes and ears are currently assailed daily by our
media’s coverage of the Zimbabwe debacle - but they
are ignoring one crucially pertinent aspect of the
subject matter - namely, the well-documemted fact that
America, with its suborned EU and British allies
(including the latter’s Commonwealth of Nations), have
for some time now been imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe,
resulting in the serious destabilisation of the
latter’s economy. All with not-a-little-help from the
World Bank, the IMF, and the Millenium Challenge
Account/Corporation (which was set up by Bush’s
Administration in 2002).  I strongly recommend you
read Nathaniel Turner’s rational explanation of the
matter at
 (if you have not already read it!)...Alf 

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