Deliberate land and food price inflation

james armstrong james36armstrong at
Sun Apr 20 05:06:03 BST 2008


Our Sub prime government unlawfully manipulates the sub prime economy.
Using market power - the Bank of England  fixing interest rates and  the terms of mortgage lending - and the Treasury policy of manipulating house prices up to put you into debt to stimulate 'the economy' is against the public interest and is unlawful under the 1998 Competition Act..

'Credit Crunch' applied to the financial  market is a public relations term invented to disguise and shift the blame for the 'Discreditable  Consequences' of the lawbreakers in the Treasury and the Bank of England who use people's housing needs to provide profits for the banks via housing and mortgage inflation. 
Blame it on America, not because  of mortgage failures there spilling over here, but because Thatcher adopted and Brown followed Joseph Stiglitz' recommendation to substitute a City and debt based economy for the traditional UK people based economy built on work, trade, and manufacture.

'Sub prime' used by the government and the press shifts the blame to  'irresponsible' lenders and shifts even more cash in tanker loads from the public purse to the pockets of those City executives who reward themselves  for making paper profits from stressing people's housing needs so we pay the crooks twice.  

Its particularly relevant to Diggers because it involves hiking the price of building land initially, then farm land on a secondary basis as the City crooks invest there loot typically in land. This  thirdly helps to re-inflate the next  housing bubble based on scarce building sites  and  fourthly helps bring on a food price crisis, the next people-exploiting scam.  

James Armstrong.   
Dorchester, UK

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