Pure Genius' 1996 film goes online

Gerrard Winstanley office at evnuk.org.uk
Wed Aug 6 01:11:47 BST 2008

The Land Is Ours - 'Pure Genius' Wandsworth Eco Village (1996) - 6 min
 - Aug 5, 2008 


Wandsworth (Guinness site) In May 1996, 500 TLIO activists occupied 13
acres of derelict land along the banks of the River Thames in
Wandsworth. The land, owned by Guinness, had been vacant for six
years, but was scheduled to be the site of a superstore (the ninth
within a 1.5 mile radius) and luxury apartments. Raised-bed veggie
gardens were planted and a village was constructed of recycled
materials. Locals were involved in building and running the
eco-community, and thousands of folks came to visit. After holding the
"Pure Genius" occupation for almost six months, 150 people on site
were ousted by bailiffs acting for Guinness. The eco-village was
destroyed. Incredibly, Guinness won an Ecology Sponsorship Award in
Geneva the same week that they ordered the eviction.


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