Fairlie on BBC, give us more!

james armstrong james36army at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 08:12:07 BST 2008

Farming To-day on Radio Four daily at 05.30am would be  a powerful medium for getting across the  TLIO message. Doing so obliquely  may be prudent.
NFU thinks it effective  anyway.     
Simon could make a good case for low impact small scale farming which is an indirect attack on the barley barons.
The subject is topical  after HRH outburst on GM foods, which  incidentally supported small scale farming ( How rich!,from one of the  very the biggest landowner and agribusiness corporation - the Duchy of Cornwall)
Some letters to BBC, FT Producer, Radio Four Controller, BBC Trust etc  complaining about the lack of representation of the  case for small scale farmoing, and the overrepresentation of NFU  would help Simon's cause.
Just think.
Medieval Serfs, who were little better than slaves, generally owned one hide or a half of land.  That is 20 or 30 acres.
What does that make us?
BBC are getting sick of me writing to complain about FT. can others take it up?
Can we progress these ideas?


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