Anti-poverty protest at RBS offices

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Mon Dec 22 18:17:23 GMT 2008

Have people also noticed what's been going on in Illinois? A few Mondays ago governor Blagojevich? Worker's hero banning the bank that tried to close down a big Chicago factory on Monday, impeached for something entirely different & in jail Tuesday.

Protesters ejected at RBS offices
BBC Online
Monday, 22 December 2008

About 30 anti-poverty campaigners have been ejected from the RBS
offices in the City after staging a protest against the bonuses paid
to bankers.

The demonstrators handed out leaflets and unfurled banners with
slogans such as "you owe us".

It was "unacceptable" that many staff continued to receive "obscene"
sums when so many people were homeless, their spokeswoman said.

Security guards removed them from the building on Bishopsgate.

Government stake

"For the vast majority of us this Christmas will be more difficult
than most," spokeswoman Ellie Schling said.

"But the majority of bankers will again be receiving obscene amounts
of money in Christmas bonuses, and to make it worse, it's our money
they're getting this year."

She accused the government of supporting bankers while "turning a
blind eye to the tens of thousands of people left homeless due to
inadequate social housing".

"We need to stand up to the banks and the government and tell them
this is unacceptable," Ms Schling added.

The government purchased a 58% stake in RBS as part of its rescue
package for banks affected by the economic downturn.

The company, formerly known as the Royal Bank of Scotland, is the UK's
fifth-largest mortgage lender and has been in existence for nearly
three centuries.

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