7th March deadline - National review of rural and affordable housing

Maxey L. l.maxey at swansea.ac.uk
Tue Feb 19 16:05:04 GMT 2008

Truly Low Impact or even Positive Impact development Anyone?

Matthew Taylor <http://www.matthewtaylor.info/> , Lib Dem MP for Truro &
St Austell, is leading a major independent review of planning and
land-use policy in relation to rural and affordable housing for Gordon
Brown. He has a website where you can make comments. 

It is not well known so please spread the word and get people to submit their comments for the review.

. This call for evidence will run from the 17th of December to the 7th March 2008.  In order to allow time to properly consider this evidence, the deadline for submissions is Friday 7th March 2008.

Gordon Brown has asked Matthew Taylor, MP for Truro and St Austell, to conduct a review on how land use and planning can better support rural business and deliver affordable housing. Many rural communities are faced by a combination of higher than average house prices and lower than average local wages. This can create challenges for individual families, the local economy and the wider sustainability of the community.

Matthew Taylor will be seeking to explore how these issues can be addressed - within the context of existing protection for the natural environment - through the application of land use and planning policy. In particular, the following issues will be looked at:

    * The identification and release of appropriate land for local economic development and affordable rural housing provision, working in conjunction with local government, parish councils and land owners.
    * Investigating the potential for increasing the provision of live/work space within rural communities.
    * Assessing the local implementation of new planning rules on rural housing following the recommendations of the Affordable Rural Housing Commission.


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