Nicholas van Hoogstraten arrested in Zimbabwe

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Sun Jan 27 00:12:51 GMT 2008

UK tycoon 'arrested in Zimbabwe'

British property developer Nicholas van Hoogstraten has been arrested
in Zimbabwe, according to local media.

The state-run Herald newspaper said Mr van Hoogstraten, 63, was
charged with breaking foreign exchange laws after a night raid at his
Harare home.

He is accused of demanding rent in overseas currency, contrary to
Zimbabwean law, the newspaper said.

A police spokesman told it that Mr van Hoogstraten, of Uckfield, East
Sussex, owns about 200 properties in Zimbabwe.

Bundles of money

Officers recovered 20 billion Zimbabwe dollars (£335,883; US$665,148)
in cash, US$37,586 (£18,980), 92,880 South African rands (£6,552;
US$12,975), £190 (US$376) and 180 Botswana pula (£15; US$29).

	Van Hoogstraten is being charged under the Exchange Control Regulations
Police spokesman

Zimbabwean law prohibits the use of foreign currencies for local goods
and services.

Zimbabwean TV news bulletins showed Mr van Hoogstraten dressed in a
white short-sleeved shirt, as the bundles of money allegedly found at
his house were carried out by police.

Police spokesman Wyane Bvudzijena told the Herald that Mr van
Hoogstraten had demanded six months' rent in foreign currency from

He added that police also recovered pornography from Mr van
Hoogstraten's home.

"The police informant had been asked to pay in the region of
US$8,000," Mr Bvudzijena added.

"Van Hoogstraten is being charged under the Exchange Control
Regulations for charging a service and dealing foreign currency.

"He is also facing charges under the Censorship Act."

In 2002 a British court convicted Mr van Hoogstraten of manslaughter
and sentenced him to 10 years in jail after a business associate was
shot and killed.

Mr van Hoogstraten appealed against the conviction and was cleared in
2003, although in 2005 a civil court awarded the murdered man's family
£6m in damages.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/01/26 12:21:48 GMT


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