Please help we are about to loose our home and living thanks to Norfolk council!

mandyjwilliams mandyjwilliams at
Tue Jan 29 17:39:56 GMT 2008

Can anyone help us.  Our appeal to the planning inspectorate to allow
my partner and our 4 children to continue living on our smallholding in 
norfolk was disallowed in June last year and they gave us 12 months to 
leave the site.  My husband cannot read and write and a friend of ours 
has just pointed out that they have used a letter of complaint from 
another appeal case as proof of evidence against us.  Every one of our 
neighbours has given 
us letters of support but at the hearing the councils solicitor claimed 
that they had a letter of complaint against us. We asked to be shown at 
the hearing but were ignored we also asked for a copy to be sent to us 
after the hearing (we like to think that we get on with all our 
neighbours and wanted to know in what way we had upset someone we live 
near) A copy of the letter in question has come into our hands but not 
from council or government channels It paints a picture of someone 
running an unauthorised builders yard with no respect for a disabled 
persons access living near by.  The letter is addressed to persons 
living in Tammworth and not about ourselves at all and this had been 
used to discredit us and our appeal.  Is there anything we can do about 
this. Can anybody help or suggest anything? contact Mandy or Taffy on 
07855284953 or email  at rowanhollythorne at

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