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Peasants Revolt 2008*
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The Peasants Revolt will be a Peaceful Protest of Individuals and
Communities that will Represent the Voices of the UK Nomadic Cultures, the
UK Homeless and the UK Communities and Individuals that Would Choose to Live
a Lifestyle that is in Keeping with the Concept of Sustainable Development

The Purpose of the UK 2008 Peasants Revolt is to Bring to the UK Governments
Attention the Plight of those that are Homeless or who are having their
Traditional Way of Life Compromised through Unsustainable Parliamentary
Practices: To This End we shall Deliver to 10 Downing Street and to the
Government that Resides there a Request and a Petition Signed and Supported
by Those Who are - and Have Been Affected by Poor Planning and Unsustainable
Community Actions in the UK.

We Shall Request that the UK Government:

- Provide Common Solutions to Enable Traditional Sustainable Communities
   to Coexist alongside Contemporary Communities
- Foster an Understanding that Nomadic Lifestyles are a Natural Cultural
Tradition that embraces the Concept of Sustainable Development and thus
should be encouraged
- Ensure that Ethnic Cleansing Practices of the UK Nomadic Communities
Cease Immediately
- Demand that Transparent Policy be Developed and Implemented Nationally
to permit the 'Enabling Mechanisms Necessary' for those who seek to live
their Lives embracing Traditional Culture and Those who wish to Sustain
Natural Lifestyle.
- Utilise Innovative Methodologies to Ensure that the Homeless and Nomadic
Peoples of the UK are Provided with the Actual Resources necessary to
Ensure 'Quality of Life' in Line with UK Policy


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