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Blears to curb out-of-town retail
by Michael Donnelly, PlanningResource, 7 July 2008
Ref: http://ecm.hbpl.co.uk/re?l=evytldI45fgwfuI0

Secretary of State Hazel Blears is to introduce new curbs on out-of-town
retail developments under a review of planning guidance.

According to reports in today’s Evening Standard, ‘PPS6: Planning for Town
Centres’ will be amended to ensure that new out-of-town developments do
not damage smaller shops.

The current ‘needs test’, which judges whether there is capacity for an
out-of-town development, will be scrapped and a new ‘impact test’ will be
introduced which will assess the risks and benefits of new developments on
town centre shops.

Blears will unveil the plans later in the week.

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Good 'File on 4' programme about how local authorities are hooked on big
retail development schemes and (literally, for a quid!) handing over chunks
of town centres to major developers -- even though the bottom is falling out
of the retail market!

Repeated on Radio 4 on Sunday 13 July, or download a podcast from --


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