The Wembley Tent-City eviction

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Tue Jul 22 18:11:06 BST 2008

Friday 18 July 2008: At 6.30am Brent Council bailiffs arrived with ten
police officers at Wembley Sports Ground on Bridge Road to evict Brent NUT
and ATL Secretary Hank Roberts. He was locked by the neck to the sports
hall rooftop flagpole. Within the Indymedia link below is the press
release and a video used with kind permission of freelance video and print
journalist Jason Parkinson. EVICTED WITH PRIDE - The campaign continues.

Video Wembley Tent City Occupation - Eviction Day - video/x-ms-wmv 16M

The fight to stop the Academy getting planning permission continues, even
though plans to build the 'pre-academy' for an initial 200 primary-school
pupils in portocabins on the site will now proceed. The fight to guarantee
local affordable access for the local kids to the football pitches on
Wembley Recreation Ground (in the shadow of Wembley Stadium) continues
alongside this aim to stop the academy being built, whether the latter
goal will be acheived or not.

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