At last, gov support for self build

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Fri Jul 25 12:43:12 BST 2008

This sounds like my  submission to eco towns consultation process of 17th June.
its a  radical amendment to a new housing bill and  could have a major positiveimpact on the cost of housing. James  A scheme to deliver more affordable homes for young families andfirst-time buyers was set out yesterday by Housing Minister Iain Wright. Under a new ‘radical' amendment to the Housing and RegenerationBill, new Community Land Trusts (CLT) will be able to cut the cost ofgetting on the housing ladder as buyers will only pay for the building,not the land, of a property. A CLT is an independent trust which owns or controls the land andfacilities, but not the property, for the benefit of the community. CLTs puts communities in the centre stage in agreeing what land should bedeveloped for, including building more affordable homes, as localresidents and businesses participate in and take responsibility forplanning and delivering development schemes. The new measure is part of the next steps in the Government's series offurther measures and reforms designed to help alleviate the currentchallenges in the housing market and to support the vital delivery of morehomes over the long-term. It is also a big feature of the Government's drive to deliver afundamental shift in power, influence and responsibility into the hands ofcommunities and citizens. Housing Minister Iain Wright noted: "We have to constantly look at newways to meet the long-term demand for more homes. "Community Land Trusts puts local communities at the centre stage ofdelivering the homes our first-time buyers and young families desperatelyneed. "They provide an opportunity to give people the practical tools to solvethe problem of affordable housing in a way that is right for thecommunity."   
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