[diggers350] Reminds me of more 'Battlelines drawn in city squat eviction'

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Wed Jun 4 18:09:16 BST 2008

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>> Hammersons representatives snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in court yesterday so Bowl Court social centre has gain another week with the repossession case adjourned till 12th June. Their attempts to
bamboozle, bully and intimidate their way to victory had succeeded
throughout the proceedings but in the end, and to the surprise of
everyone, the infamously unpredictable judge grew impatient with their
inability to provide a correct postcode for the property and so
granted the adjournment he had originally denied us.

Social centre website = http://bowlcourt.co.nr
Local campaign portal site = http://stopthecity.wordpress.com

--- diggers editor note ---

The previous post made me think about some squatters who have holed up 
in a disused church in Brighton and are resisting eviction.

See local media coverage.   The 'comments' section is interesting.........
link -
(full article below)

Be interesting to see how it pans out.

Brighton squatters defy raid by bailiffs

Squatters barricaded themselves into a disused church to stop police 
evicting them.

Officers and bailiffs wanted to remove 25 people living in the former 
Methodist Church in London Road, Brighton.

But the squatters, who moved into the building on April 11, barred the 
doors to prevent officers gaining entry.

Last night the squatters, who call themselves the 88 London Road 
Community, said they intend to stay in the old church.

One told The Argus: "We are protesting against the illegal evictions of 
squatter communities elsewhere in the city from disused properties."

The squatters say they have converted the building into a community 
centre, offering free food, cinema nights and a children's nursery.

One, speaking on behalf of the community, said: "This building has been 
left empty and unused for four years.

"As well as making this our home, we are here to generate a positive 
comfortable space that is independent and self managed, where people can 
be creative, share information and resources while building a stronger 
and more connected community."

While bailiffs tried to gain entry, some squatters stood on the 
building's roof and others attached banners to the front of the old church.

People living in nearby London Terrace said they are regularly disturbed 
by late-night noise.

One woman said: "I thought I was going to have a breakdown because of 
the music. We have had enough of it."

Police stood guard while bailiffs tried to carry out their eviction 
notice but later a police spokeswoman said: "On the grounds of public 
safety, bailiffs do not intend to enforce the court order today."

Three planning applications have been submitted to Brighton and Hove 
City Council to demolish the old church and build flats.

A Methodist Church spokesman said: "We still own the building but no 
decision as to the long term use has been made.

"A thing that is under consideration is to turn it into flats and a 
community centre. As an institution and as individuals we have a great 
concern about the issue of homelessness.

"Homlessness is an important concern for us but our immediate concern is 
for the safety of everyone involved, both the people inside and those 
trying to deal with the situation."

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