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Dear All
Please will you all (UK resident) sign this petition and circulate it
around to friends, colleagues, tenants, homeowners, trade unions,
community groups, social centres, and so on. 
Thousands of people in England are being evicted, compulsory purchased,
their homes demolished, their neighbourhoods flattened by the Pathfinder
scheme. This is a major 'cause' of the current housing crisis, and will
only increase given the current profit squeeze on the housebuilders, who
will demand larger and larger development sites in return for meeting
the government's 3 million new homes target by 2020.
This has the potential to be a huge, popular petition that could
galvanise thosee communities under threat.
If you want more background information on the Housing Market Renewal
Pathfinder scheme, check out:


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Your petition has been approved by the Number 10 web team, and is now
available on the Number 10 website at the following address:

Your petition reads:

We the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to urgently request this
government and the pathfinders to re-consider their draconian policies
on Compulsory Purchase Orders and Wholesale Demolitions in the Housing
Market Renewal Pathfinder areas in England.

In these very uncertain times that we now live in, why allow the HMRP's
to continue their policy of C.P.O.'s and the 'Wholsesale Demolition' of
perfectly, good housing, WITHOUT quality consulation with the local
residents. After all it is 'their' community and 'they' should have BIG
say in it's  development.

There are over 1 million people on 'housing' waiting lists in the UK and
this is rising rapidly all the time and some of the increase is due to
unecessary wholesale demolitions.

So please Mr Brown and Hazel Blears, STOP & THINK what your current
policies on HMRP are doing to the everyday people in this country.

A lot of them voted for you.

Most of them cannot afford to buy 'new homes', which are described as
'affordable' and why should they, when they have a perfectly good home

Please make the local residents part of the decision making process of
REGENERATION and let 'them' have a BIG say in how 'their' communitites
are developed and run, because most of the local authorities and
pathfinders have lost the plot!

STOP wasting good public money by STOPPING wholesale demolitions in the
HMRP areas in England and please LISTEN to what the local people want!

Thanks for submitting your petition.
-- the ePetitions team

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