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Hi James


Great concise set of demands and points towards supporting self build.
 Completely in favour of all of them, and will strongly support the
recommendations.  R7 and second paragraph of R3 are great, and must be
the basis for a new way of thinking (in the mainstream) for home


Maybe in R1 and R2, you could include into the design phrase
`...conforming to design and sustainability criteria ....

I know the sustainability issues are tied in with the design criteria
anyway, and also as you have stated `low impact houses', but the
addition of `sustainability criteria' allows for setting out both the
economic and environmental standards which need to be adhered to in
any given self build or self finish set up for sustainable living. 


Having been involved in various self build and self finish
projects...along routes of sustainable housing, its interesting to
note that not everyone concepts of sustainability are the same, and
when finance gets tight some of the environmental sustainability
options drop off the agenda.


Maybe a couple of extra additions:

R2:  (Maybe in R2 or an extra R) Alongside a dedicated planning
category, the inclusion into Local Plans by all local authorities the
recognition of self build and self finish as viable alternatives to
gaining a home.

R11:  Self build and self finish are both excellent methods of
creating strong communities through empowerment of people involved. 
Community empowerment is seen as a key objective by the government and
demonstrated in the Communities and Local Government document:

Action plan for community empowerment: Building on success 2007 Report.


We have been spreading the word on affordable and sustainable self
build housing dropping leaflets off in local cafes and shops in
various areas we have visited.  Also we have been talking with local
authorities for their support. It would be good to talk more with you.


Best wishes



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Jackson Moulding


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