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it's completely off topic, but i know quite a few are in this line of
business, so here you are. it's on for another week, so go and give it

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Subject: Great Land Use Debate
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7 - 14 March 2008

RELU Great Land Use Debate will take place during Science Week.

Have your say in the Great Land Use Debate

What is our rural land for and what do we expect from it? Should farmers
be diversifying into energy crops or concentrating on feeding the
nation? And is it reasonable to expect them to be competitive food
businesses as well as managers and guardians of wildlife and landscapes?
When floods overwhelm urban areas should that just be a problem for the
individuals and businesses affected? Or should country dwellers be
prepared to sacrifice rural land for flood storage?

Everyone seems to want something different, but can rural land fulfil
all of these expectations? What is our long term vision for land use in
the UK and do we need an extension of the planning system from town into
countryside in order to realise it?

The UK research councils' Rural Economy and Land Use Programme is
inviting you to contribute to a unique on-line debate during National
Science and Engineering Week/Festival of Social Science 2008. The
Programme's land use policy analysts will be posing some key questions
and drawing in opinion from a wide range of contributors.

Visit from 7-14 March 2008 to have your say.
A new relu briefing paper "What is relu"
<>  brings you up to date
on the whole relu programme of research. Hard copies may be obtained by
emailing relu at


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