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Mon May 5 08:44:36 BST 2008

We don’t put up with 20th century communications,
We're no longer proud of 19th century  imperialism, 
we don't respect 18th century education,
we don't rely on 17th century medicine,
we don’t travel using 16th century transport
we don't feed ourselves by 15th century agricultural systems,
we don’t believe in a 14th century penal system,

Then why tolerate 
eleventh century monarchy?
Twelfth century land ownership 
and thirteenth century parliamentary government  which makes systematic war on the people?

Our autocratic government is destructive, 
It makes mothers abandon infants by driving them into employment 
It addicts youth by encouraging day long  access to alcohol
It publicly idolises greed and competition, 
and devalues  cooperation by promoting lottery  as the nations provider. 
It corrupts our morals by forcing students into debt and families into life long mortgage servitude
In the interests of self preservation, it disguises its own war on the people at home 
by invading innocent people abroad, 
by shamefully sacrificing our valuable soldiers lives on the altar of their deceit. 

Don’t vote, govern!
When 51% of the people no longer  vote, parliament has lost 100%  of its mandate.
Only a peoples assembly, 
can hope to stop wars,
destroy nuclear armaments, disband the standing  army navy and air-force, 
end age old exploitation of people by depriving them of access to land, 
allow access to good housing for all,
and take the con- (for confidence trick) out of 
earth destructive- , climate changing-,   'growth in the economy'
James A

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