Movement for Justice in El Barrio. London, 24th May

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Juan Haro, a speaker from the Movement for Justice in El Barrio will talk
in Dalston, London about their struggle against displacement by
gentrification in Harlem, New York city.

On Saturday the 24th of May @ Passing Clouds, on Richmond Rd, just off
Kingsland road in Dalston, 10 mins from Dalston Kingsland Station. Buses:
149, 242, 243, 67.
Free or donation entry to talk from 7.00pm

Followed by Latin bands and DJs hosted by Movimientos at around 9pm “From
folkloric to electronic Movimientos is the sound of London’s Latin
alternative”. (£5 entry)

Dalston, like many other parts of London is undergoing development that
will mean rent rises for tenants already struggling to pay extortionate
London rents. When an area becomes appealing for investors and
“regeneration” it’s those people with money who end up enjoying the new
housing, expensive cafes and shops, and the people with less money who end
up having to move further away from the centre of the city or who, if they
stay, lose the shops, cafes and resources they rely on.

Movement for Justice, the organization of tenants in Harlem, New York that
have been struggling against the landlords that want to price them out of
their area say;

“This displacement is created by the greed, ambition and violence of a
global empire of money that seeks to take total control of all the land,
labor and life on earth. Here in El Barrio (East Harlem, New York City),
landlords, multi-national corporations and local, state and federal
politicians and institutions want to force upon us their culture of money,
they want to displace poor families and rent their apartments to rich
people, white people with money. They want to change the look of our
neighborhood, with the excuse of “developing the community.”

The talk will explore issues around resisting gentrification and the model
of organization that Movement for Justice have used to work with each
other – an inspiring and educational example from across the Atlantic that
we could learn from in London.

“Together, we make our dignity resistance and we fight back against the
actions of capitalist landlords and multinational corporations who are
displacing poor families from our neighborhood. We fight back locally and
across borders. We fight back against local politicians that refuse to
govern by obeying the will of the people. We fight back against the
government institutions that enforce a global economic, social and
political system that seeks to destroy humanity.”

Talk organized by Hackney Solidarity Network, Hackney Independent,
Haringey Solidarity Group and London Coalition Against Poverty.

Contact: hackneysolidarity at

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