IMPORTANT: Save The Spike in Peckham!

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Spike website:

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Sign the petition now!

(1000s of people have benefited from the use of the space but we've not 
even got 500 signatures yet! Sign now!)
PLEASE sign this petition:

The Spike in Peckham is a wonderful space (band rehearsal space, 
community garden with free permaculture courses, printing press, sewing 
workshop, bike workshop, wood workshop etc).

PLEASE help save it (the council are trying to sell the building).

text of petition is below...

To:  Southwark Council

Support and save one of Peckham's most vibrant community resources

The Spike Surplus Scheme is a community-led initiative in Peckham that 
has been operating on a voluntary basis for a decade. It was reclaimed 
from an abandoned fly-tipped site and the land opened up for community 
activities. In a borough where nearly half the population is poor or 
borderline poor (according to Southwark Council website), the Scheme is 
dedicated to providing affordable and free-where-possible services to 
the local community. The Scheme incorporates a rehearsal/recording 
studio, a martial arts/meditation/ health space, community garden and 
much more. It has been largely self-sustaining, relying on donations 
from local users, albeit mostly in terms of time and skills rather than 
cash in such a poor neighbourhood. It is truly a vibrant example of 
community in action. It has thrived thanks to a supportive council 
attitude and modest grants.

"There are many local people and community and faith organisations that 
are actively involved in making their neighbourhood a better place. We 
aim to widen the number of people, especially young people, involved in 
community affairs as well as make the council and its partners more 
responsive to them when they do get involved." (Southwark Council website)

This is all about to change.

On April 8 2008 the Council Executive decided to auction off the 39B 
Consort Road (the Spike Surplus Scheme), unless it can raise a minimum 
of £500,000 within three months.

With less than four hours notice of their intended decision, we pleaded 
(in our five allotted minutes) for an affordable lease or some more 
time, but to no avail.

We then appealed to the Scrutiny and Review Committee, again with no 
success. Please give us your support and sign the petition.

We, the undersigned, demand that the council:

Stop the auction of Spike Surplus Scheme.

Do not declare the Spike Surplus Scheme as surplus to requirements (as 
recommended in the deputy chief executive's report to the executive 
councils meeting on April 8 2008).

Support this and other community-led regeneration projects to make 
Southwark a better place to live.


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From: Rik
Date: 2008/5/6
Subject: Fwd: Save The Spike Surplus Scheme *Please Open Not Spam**** 

Dear Friends,

The Spike is in trouble please help

   "Save The Spike Surplus Scheme"

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service, at:

Can you sign petition and forward email to all your mates please
Best wishes,


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