The eco-terrorism scandal in the Observer

Richard Chisnall rchisnall at
Sat Nov 22 10:45:11 GMT 2008

This isn't the first time they've tried this sort of thing.

Back in my former life as a journalist (for the Danish equivalent of
the BBC), I once reported on a (spurious) threat which was being
peddled by M15 about 'eco-terrorism': when questioned, they admitted
that they'd not found anyone, but that 'it's our job to know about
these things before they happen.' That was in 1997.

The tactics remind me of other scaremongers such as a US Neocon
thinktank which, when presented with the lack of evidence for supposed
Soviet super-weapons, claimed that the Reds were just fiendishly good
at making them undetectable...the lack of evidence proved their
existence. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story :)

Same ol' same ol', methinks?

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