thesis on Low impact development in UK

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Thu Oct 2 10:34:14 BST 2008

A friend of mine, Lisa Lewinsohn, has just written her thesis at CAT on
'Planning Policy and Low Impact Developments - What are the planning
barriers to low impact developments in rural areas in Britian and how
might they be overcome?'

Thought people on this list might be interested to read it. Find it here:



Low Impact Developments (LIDs) have been found to be good examples of sustainable development (CCW, 2002) and yet despite the statement that “sustainable development is the core principle underpinning planning” (PPS1, p.2), LIDs are still not addressed at a national level in England or Wales and they are only acknowledged by very few local authorities. The thesis examines this in the context of the British countryside. It argues that the current system makes it exceptionally difficult for any form of land-based development to exist other than large-scale industrial agriculture. It argues that large scale industrial agriculture, which dominates the British countryside, is highly unsustainable and examples of sustainable rural development are urgently needed. Low impact development is presented as a potential form of sustainable development in rural areas. Moreover, LID looks at sustainability in a holistic manner to include all aspects of living and working. As such, it proves to be exceptional to all other forms of development in existence in Britain.

The focus of the study is a case study of the Pembrokeshire Low Impact Development Policy (Policy 52) and examines how it is working in practice both from a planners and applicantsÂ’ point of view. The study looks at this policy as a potential template for a national policy, along with other potential directions for sustainable rural development. The thesis concludes that planning policy needs to change at a national level to allow and encourage genuine sustainable livelihoods and dwellings in rural areas..................

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