Bristol & East London squatters on Google Video (2005)

Gerrard Winstanley office at
Fri Oct 10 23:05:13 BST 2008

Just uploaded to Google Video
War at the Door
BBC1 - Thu 16 Jun, 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

We follow squatter Tony as he finds a property he likes and proceeds to

Revived in 1984, Bristol Housing Action (BHAM) is a non-heirarchical
collective of squatters and their supporters. We help provide housing
and other support for homeless people. We are committed to the opening
of community spaces and to solidarity with existing social centres.We
campaign against the privatisation of public land and housing and for
the defence of public space. Links to other squatting organisations
and resources 
Advisory Service for Squatters 
Squatting all over the world 
The Land Is Ours 
Counter-information Justice/SchNews 
Bristol Indymedia 
War on Truth 
Bristol Activism Reclaim the buses 
Reclaim the pool 
Email Network 
! Special Offer ! Sitex Security Grills - preferred by BHAM Cardiff
Office - roughly £100.00/month per floor call 02920 810901


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