Who get the EU cash ? New website give details on beneficiaries of CAP payments

Massimo suburbanstudio at runbox.com
Tue Oct 28 10:59:28 GMT 2008

02/10/2008 - Today's launch of the "Financial Transparency system" website
and search engine will allow, for the first time ever, free access to
details of who receives EU funds managed directly by the Commission and its
executive agencies.

In a parallel development, all Member States should put in place by
30 September 2008 a website with information on payments from the European
Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) made between 1 January and
15 October 2007. Each website shall for all beneficiaries provide details
such as the name of the beneficiary, the municipality of residence and
the total amount of public funding received (Community and national). The
Commission has set up a web-portal which provides access to the national
websites. By 30 April 2009, Member States must publish details of the
recipients of all other agricultural payments.

Member State websites providing information on beneficiaries of CAP
payments (shared management) at



(only ONE example in Scotland... )



Lord Pearson of Rannoch
House of Lords

Tuesday 28 October 2008
Gerrard Winstanley
St george Hill

Dear Lord Pearson of Rannoch,

I am just wondering WHY , you took

£24,570.00 last year for Agricultural

Subsidies... (CAP Payments) .

What do you do ? You dig the land

or just sit on it , waiting its value

to drop with the all financial crisis ?


Yours sincerely,

Gerrard Winstanley

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