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Professor Dr Robert Home
Director of Research and Enterprise
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Telephone: 0845 196 3349
International: +44 1245 493131 ext 3349

Rob Home is Professor of Land Management, and teaches Environmental
Law and Planning subjects. He holds a degree in History (Cambridge)
and a PhD in Geography from LSE, and is also a chartered town planner.
He has researched widely on planning and land management topics in
Europe and the Third World, and is a specialist in local authority
accommodation assessments for Gypsies and Travellers (Bedfordshire,
Cambridge sub-region, Dorset, East and North Surrey undertaken to
date). His publications include: books on Third World planning, land
titling in Africa and the Caribbean, Gypsies, and inner city
regeneration; recent articles in Socio-Legal Studies, Journal of
Commonwealth Law and Legal Education, Habitat International, Planning
Perspectives, Planning History, Romani Studies and elsewhere; and
chapter contributions to books on the Gypsies of Britain and feminist
approaches to land law. He is currently editing a book for Hart
Publications, Squatters or settlers: Rethinking ownership, occupation
and use in land law, comprising papers given to a recent workshop held
at the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onati
(Spain). He also contributes to the UN-Habitat Global Land Tools
Network, and has undertaken many overseas consultancies (including to
Zambia, Bulgaria and Macedonia).
Papers in Land Management series
Land management covers a wide range of academic and professional areas
relating to land - law and public administration, land use planning,
environmental protection, valuation and real estate, and history. This
series aims to make available papers which may not suit more
conventional academic publication. They may be work in progress,
teaching material, reports of consultancy work, or conference papers.
Some papers are of specific geographical interest (eg Anglia Ruskin's
region, and the Balkans where the Law School has collaborated), or in
particular thematic areas (eg environmental law, legal and planning
history, and comparative land law). The series also aims to support
the work of UN Habitat's Global Land Tools Network, to which the first
two papers are relevant; they also set some common themes for the series.

The series editor is Robert Home, Professor of Land Management at the
Anglia Law School, Anglia Ruskin University, Bishop Hall Lane,
Chelmsford CM1 1SQ, United Kingdom. For further details contact him
at: r.home at

1. 'This land belongs to you and me': The global challenge of land
management, by Robert Home (2007) (13961 Kb)

2. Squatters or Settlers: Rethinking Ownership, Occupation and Use in
Land Law, by Robert Home and Hilary Lim (2007) (405 Kb)

3. The Law of Settlements and Removals viewed as a model of property
rights for the poor, by Lorie Charlesworth (2007) (270 Kb)

4. A Short Guide to European Environmental Law, by Robert Home (2007)
(287 Kb)

5. Municipal administrative reform and land development issues in the
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, by Edward Frank, Corrado
Minervini and Danica Pavlovska (2007) (1171 Kb)

6. Cambridge sub-region Traveller Needs Assessment, by Anglia Ruskin
University and Buckinghamshire Chiltern University College (2006) (992 Kb)

7. Reconstructing Skopje, Macedonia, after the 1963 earthquake: The
Master Plan forty years on, by Robert Home (2007) (10046 Kb)

8. From colonial housing to planning for disasters: The career of
David Oakley (1927-2003), by Robert Home (2007) (518 Kb)

9. A planning history of Chelmsford, by Ana Fuller and Robert Home
(2007) (4709 Kb)

10. Land Consolidation and Rural Development by Richard Bullard (2007)
(4023 Kb) 

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