[diggers350] day of reckoning?

Antonio paralel at fastmail.fm
Tue Sep 9 23:55:06 BST 2008

Yes, only a few hours left now. Or will it be like the millennium bug
all over again? Will this giant Electromagnetic pulse blow up all our
printed circuits and fry all our neurones like some giant high-intensity
wireless network?

Is it a coincidence that it's happenning just a day before September

We've been discussing this CERN experiment over on the 9/11 forum here -
if you want to have at least an inkling of whether or not there will be
a world to wake up to tomorrow check out this discussion thread which
began back in February.

CERN about to tear apart fabric of the universe?

My own thoughts are that it is a collossal waste of money which will
probably only ever have a military use. Just like all the hard earned
cash (tax) that was highway robbed & poured into Nuclear Fusion... then
enabled the now virtually privatised military to simulate nuclear h-bomb
conditions and therefore sign the test ban treaty so no-one else could.
Still the Iranians managed to buy ex Russian h-bombs on the black
market... but that's another story...

BTW Google (or possibly some other entity) have blocked my video uploads
since I uploaded this Diana Panorama interview last night - so watch it
while you can.

Panorama interview: Princess Diana Queen Of Hearts (1995) - 55 min

and if you want download it here www.keepvid.com

07786 952037

On Tue, 9 Sep 2008 22:26:56 +0100, "Simon Fairlie"
<chapter7 at tlio.org.uk> said:
> Just in case tomorrow does turn out to be the day on which the mad  
> physicists finally  succeed in blowing us all up, I want to say its  
> been nice knowing you all.
> Simon 

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