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End the invasion of Afghanistan.

  Download your poster for the 24 October anti-war demo here:

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> General Sir Richard Dannatt, outgoing head of the British
> army, has called for the British government to be put on a
> "war-like footing" over Afghanistan. Despite all the evidence
> of failure (see, despite British soldiers
> suffering the highest level of deaths and injuries since the
> invasion in 2001, despite the majority of British people
> wanting the troops out now (see, the
> Government and the generals remain committed to this pointless
> and bloody war.
> Stop the War, in conjunction with the Campaign for Nuclear
> Disarmament and the British Muslim Initiative, has called a
> demonstration in central London on Saturday 24 October to mark
> the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.
> We are asking all our supporters to start publicising the
> demonstration as widely as possible. Initial publicity is
> available to download here:
> Stop the War's local groups are preparing protests to take
> place the weekend after the 200th British soldier is killed in
> Afghanistan. At the current rate of fatalities, with 191
> having died so far, it is likely this figure will be reached
> in the near future. It will be yet another testament to
> tragically wasted lives of soldiers -- some as young as
> eighteen -- sent to kill and be killed in a futile war.
> Local Stop the Groups campaigning to bring the troops home
> from Afghanistan are experiencing unprecedented levels of
> support, not least in the thousands who have signed our
> petition to Gordon Brown in recent weeks.

> For your information
> Vivian Yeovil & Sherborne STWC.
> From: "Stop the War Coalition" <office at>
> Date: 31 July 2009 21:53:49 BDT
> To: stwc at
> Subject: Stop the War calls national Afghanistan demonstration
> If you would like to get involved in a local Stop the War
> group, contact the national office for details of a group in
> your area: Tel: 020 7801 2768;  Email office at

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