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Renting allotments in Dorset at £120 per plot,to bring in £4,000 per acre annually?. Not bad!
Don’t believe me? look up www.allotmentsdorset.com  
Makes my allotment at ten pounds p.a. look like good value.
Adam Smith (died in 1790) is about as relevant to-day as the other allotment holder, Adam  who was enslaved by his monopoly landlord to work his garden and then repossessed for stealing fruit.  

But that doesn't help Camden residents. Moving to Dorchester might help some, relocating the London and South East population would help us all, and is not only logical but, given the present unbalanced economy, inevitable.
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The rental  income of £320 per acre  for allotments  is 3 or 4 times  the rent for decent quality  pasture which is £60 to £100 per acre.

The problem is that an acre or two bought on it s own can cost about £15,000 per acre. At this price it would take about 46 years to get your money back from allotments, and about 180 years from sheep. 

According to Adam Smith, in a heathy rural economy it should take about 20  years to recoup the price of land by renting it out (Wealth of Nations Book II Chapter 3). But even the normal agricultural price of £5000 per acre for land sold in large lots is about 60 times the annual agricultural rent. In other words buying land  is unaffordable for farmers unless they have savings which they are prepared invest unwisely. 


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1London is overpopulated with 25 million in the Thames tv catchment area and the only way to get allotments is to move to Dorchester .   The great wen housing and employment and crime and allotments problems are un solvable  on any other terms.
2  After five years' graft, tonight we had runner beans, cabbage and potatoes  followed by rasperries all picked yesterday from our allotment.  Only the ice cream was bought.
 we have picked kilos of blackberries and bottles of elder flowers  for cordial.
3 allotment rent is some #20 per annum, at 16 to the acre the income is about the same as
a farmer renting out a field  to a sheep raiser.
It is a serious consideration for  a group or individual to buy an acre or two and rent it out as diy 'allotments.'  its a good principle that people can do what governments cant and corporations wont.
james, Dorchester    

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