My recent message to the Housing Minister - Rental Shortfalls - Slavery

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Sun Aug 16 11:04:48 BST 2009

This is the reason why people have to pay so much for property in this
country - it's a system of slavery without chains, and it affects us

Dear Housing Minister John Healy, Re: Rental Shortfalls   I can now
confirm that I understand fully what is happening to the poor and
vulnerable people of this country and how it affects everyone, like it
or not.   This government states that ythe government says you need to
survive and I believe that the amount is in the vicinity of £60 to
£64 / week.   What you have allowed to happen without a fight, is by
allowing organisations be they councils or housing associations is
effectively charge a shortfall in the rents equivalent to approx 17% of
their allowed incomes. What you are effectively saying is that you are
allowing these organisations to charge a 17% tax and this is reflected
in their income.     Giving people on this system between £37.70 to
£53.89 / week to live off.   So if some unfortunate is on some form
of income based benefit they don't get charged tax up to £5000 to
£6000 per annum, however if they seek assistance in the form of
Housing Allowance or Housing Benefit or are forced through homelessness
into the situation that you are prepared to allow them to be charged up
to approx 17% tax, based on their income (although these charges are not
based on actual income)   Some of these longterm and temporary
accomodations charge up to £416 per week (the example i'll use here
is Lea Bridge East, another hostel on Lea Bridge Road, which only
rehouse people referred from Westminster, although the hostel is in
Walthamforest, I believe that their shortfall is £16/ week of their
weekly allowance)   In the case of any of these and any accomodation, be
it hostels, flats or studios that charge more than £75/ week, I don't
see how they will ever get out of the situation, where the incentive is
for them to get into permanent work, and even if they do, what chance do
they have of saving up for a deposit to get out of the situation. The
only place they have to go is the streets. (all you have to do is take
into account the basic wage and hours a week and do the calculation and
work out how they will save for a deposit it's not difficult to see
whats happening)   And yes your inflated rents only serve to do one
thing and that is to increase the value of property countrywide, and
thats what it's all about, this is confirmation that your government
needs homeless people, poor etc to help induce rent increases and
property values and keep everybody on the the above rungs abiding by
these laws.     Your governments slavery system   I believe it's
slavery, the worst part is that everyone in this country is affected by
this slavery.   Here is my breakdown of your slave induced policies,
starting at the top.   Government workers, civil servants, other high
bracket earners, are protecting the system in place because they have
good jobs, however they notice the price of everything increasing, as
long as it doen't affect them too much and they can help their kids,
they'll be fine, but they got to keep and insist on more rules, even
though they so blindly support these policies without thinking of the
consequences for them, unless they too are also able to profit from it..
some of them are smart enough to have set up companies and know all the
tax avoidance schemes in place, with all their friends in government,
some are able to manipulate laws to get more profit and pay less tax.
Many of these policies are there to put minority groups and the slaves
below against each other, this in effect gives them more power to put in
place more laws and take away more civil liberties. a small minority
group and some are landlords, which enjoy property price increases.
Middle class, they are paying taxes, they are prepared to do more than
one job, just to live in decent accomodation at the risk of not having
time for their families. But in their heads, they'll be alright, as long
as they can keep paying all their bills and can afford to send their
children to the best schools or move to where their children can get a
better education. (in other words, they are ensuring that their children
receive all the decent brainwashing a good citizen can afford) they only
get affected once their homes get repossed, but they still help inflict
the system by agreeing to continue to pay taxes to this government.    
Working Class, some of the poorest people, they kill themselves just to
survive, have to put up with expensive public transport, pollution, high
rents, many will never be able to have their own homes, unless they've
been cajouled into rent buy schemes via housing associations or somehow
buy to rent, these are the people that make the country move, they work
mostly at minimum wage, these are the people that have to work sometimes
2 jobs if they are going to survive, and are the ones that suffer most
from repossessions. (not surprising since the govenment keeps making
inflated rents the way to go, and this in effect increases the false
value of property, making it more and more difficult each year for each
generation)   Forgive me if I've missed something, I'm sure theres alot
of other things which affect us in this way that are missing from the
equation, the thing is that we are all part of this system and it helps
none of us, yet we are all perpetuating it.   Then you have the bottom
of  your slavery system, these are the people that are vulnerable, poor,
homeless etc. This is where you invest the most money, and make sure you
pay that money back to yourselves. Charge high rents, making it
impossible for many to get off the system. most of these are on your
Housing Benefit System, and housing Allowance systems. Many of these
slaves are / need support services, some because your system beats them
with the whip so hard they have no choice, they also end up with social
prolbems, something your government needs and likes, because you can
invest in more cctv, police, laws, doctors, and keep paying the money to
yourselves and keep paying the money back to yourselves. those that do
try / attempt to achieve are punished by this system instead of
rewarded, thats why I know your systen is not there to help, but to
socially imprison us.   your conquering and dividing system is your
television and your BBC licences you make people pay for your
brainwashing service.   But heres why you do it,    Property is where
the money is in this country!   you need to have this bottom rung of
slaves, without them you couldn't create inflated rent prices, it also
affects many landords some that have had to work so hard to get their
properties that they are greatful for this increase not realising that
they too are only perpetuating the problem and will have to keep working
harder and harder until they collapse.   And thats why I know your
county courts are also involved, they after all make their living off
repossessions and possessions. etc. they need evictions to survive and
so do your banks, even though you try to word them as "owned by the
Taxpayer", but it's only a matter of time till people realise that they
have the power and not the government.     So Minister Healy, now that
you've received the true account of the whys and hows your government
are doing things and the kind of system they've created, are you going
to do something about this, or are you going to support their sick ways.
I wonder if Mr David Cameron is ever going to respond to any of my
e-mails, he obviously doesn't want to lose the next election, but he too
knows that the system in place is needed if his government is going to
takeover otherwise he doesn't have a job and will lose power, he
obviously doesn't understand what it's like to be free of these chains
and the kind of happiness that could be if we all took our chains off
together and tried for something better, something that actually works
for everybody. Or is it just a case of power?   Please Mr Cameron at
least respond, I know you don't like my e-mails, the thing is you've
never taken the time to respond to me and others, yet you'd like us to
vote for you and the same with Margaret Beckett etc. and all your
government organisations that have fobbed us off, the former residents
of Lea Bridge House, those still at Lea Bridge house are too scared to
speak, but I know if they had half a chance many would speak their
minds. So when is someone in this government going to do something
worthwhile, or are you all the same, scared to break the mould that
others have set for you. Scared of the unknown.     anyhow Mr Healy you
have my consent to tell those above from me   your secret is now out,
and we've had enough, so do something or your government will be out of
power in no time!!   all civilisations collapse at some stage, and this
could be the very time it happens.   9th process of  new laws - Royal
Assent   Oh, and we know all about charities and their work to help the
poor, yet what would happen to charities if there were no more poor
people? I doubt they'd ever want that to happen, otherwise there
wouldn't be any need for them. Same with these homeless newspapers,
without the homeless they wouldn't survive. So I can see they all share
the governments common goal and that is to perpetuate the problem, you
need homelessness to survive.    (sickening really when you think about
how much taxpayers money you throw at it each year and it never gets
resolved, and thats why we know you're only paying yourselves with it,
because with all that money you throw at it, it should have been
resolved by now)     you're not fooling us anymore.   Yours Sincerely Mr
de Sousa
   Notes for Diggers members:   I'll await a response from the Housing
Minister and let you know his response, I know it sounds quite heavy,
but things have got to change and people need to get off their backsides
and let them know we're not happy with the way things are going.   It's
time for something different! It affects us all!   Thanks for your time.
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