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Please email the fabulous, Dalston, North London 
based squatters <we at> to be added to their mailing list.
You may also wish to pass this on to friends in London.

Dear Tribe!

CLIMATE CAMP starts this Thursday at a secret 
location in the London area - sign up at for text updates.
Climate Camp TV Is now live - check out their 
latest broadcast - a letter to the police - here: 
Right on! Now that's what we are talking about.
CARNIVAL WEEKEND is upon us and Passing Clouds 
will be taking you on a journey through Samba, Calypso,
Soca and Reggae throughout Friday, Saturday and 
Sunday night. Make sure you return east for the best parties in town.
Friday 28th August: EL SOLAR presents Brazilian 
Samba Carnival Splash - a night of Brazillian Samba and Carnival rhythms
to launch a weekend of Carnival. Featuring 
Maracatu stars ESTRELA DO NORTE live onstage with 
their full carnival show from London's
original Maracatu big band before they hit 
Carnival over the weekend. 
This high energy group of drummers and
dancers play folkloric Brazillian music from the 
Pernambuco in the North East of Brazil; in 
particular Maracatu from Recife and Olinda using authentic
Brazillian instruments including Gonguê (the 
Maracatu bell), the Abê (a Maracatu shaker), the 
Caixa (snare) and the Alfaia/Bombo (bass drum).
Plus DJs Clem 'The Fixer' George (El Solar) and 
Cal Jader (Movimientos) with the sounds of 
carnival - Tropical & Caribbean heat,
Big band Samba, Dancehall, Dub, and fiery Latin 
beats. Plus upstairs DJ Uno (Iberian Sound), DJ Angelo (Cuban Archive) playing
Afrocuban fusion, neo soul, revolutionary hip 
hop, electro funk and flamenkillo beats. Doors 
open 9pm, £5 before 10, £8 after.
Come early to avoid the queues.
Saturday 29th August: Passing Clouds presents 
Carnival Soca Explosion. A night dedicated strictly to Soca
and Calipso Music. Featuring the best UK Soca and 
Calypso Djs hosted by  the international carnival guru Pax Nindi. So come in
colourful carnival outfits or as wild as your 
wardrobe allows...;) and prepare to dance all your troubles away!
Main Room:  Strictly Soca all night!!! dance, 
dance, and dance more!  Upstairs: Calipso to sweet u up!
Featuring SCRAPPY - Award winning number one Soca 
artist in the UK, COCO P - Carnival MC and Calypso Dj, ZOOMER D -
Notting Hill Carnival number one, SOCA TONY - 
Bristol’s award winning Soca Dj, HOTWAX - the hot 
master fresh from the Carribean
Plus PAX NINDI - the Godfather of Carnival arts 
in the UK. 9am - 3am, 5 pounds before 10, 8 after. Come early to avoid queues!


Sunday 30th August: Passing Clouds presents a 
special BANK HOLIDAY Reggae Jam Party with Kodjovi Kush
(Soothsayers, Afrospot) and Planetman (Little 
Blue Ball Records) plus all the Passing Clouds 
all-stars! £5 before 10, £8 after.
6 hours of live reggae afro-beat and beyond with 
many great musicians and artists from the Dalston underground movement!
Doors open 9pm. £4 before 10, £6 after


Tuesday 1st September: NATUREWISE and Passing 
Clouds presents the PERMACULTURE PICTURE HOUSE, a night of positive solutions
to the social/environmental crisis, seekeng to 
empower people to take responsibility and act. 
This month covers the very timely and controversial subject
the UK's most prominent campaigners on political 
truth and integrity.  An ex-oilfield executive,
Ian now lectures and writes on thegeo-political 
issues,focusing his efforts on raising public 
awareness of the attack on the global population in the name
of corporate globalisation and harmonisation; 
with particular focus on the excesses of 
Alimentarius, the attempt by the UN to eradicate natural farming
and outlaw complementary & natural healthcare. In 
this talk we will be exposing how the World Trade 
Organisation intends through sever restrictive licensing
laws to eradicate the availability of all our 
Natural Health products to restrict complementary 
medicine and give the pharmaceutical industry monopoly over
our health.  Doors open 7pm, talk commences 8pm. 
Suggested donation two pounds. 
<> /
IMPORTANT - Please sign the petition against 
Codex at the bottom of this email. Deadline 5th September

Wednesday 2nd September: Passing Clouds presents 
NIGHT OF THE MANDING GRIOT. Gambian kora master Jally Kebba Susso
leads an evening of traditional West African kora 
music upstairs at Passing Clouds in the tradition 
of the manding griot - the term for the West African poet, praise singer
and wandering musician, considered a repository 
of oral tradition with an emphasis on vocal 
expertise for purposes of satire, historical and social
documentation and political comment. Jally Kebba 
will be taking us on a captivating journey 
through the traditions of the Mande people's with
mistro musicians from London's international 
scene performing on traditional instruments. Doors open 8pm, 5 pounds entry.
Friday 4th September: After last month's superb 
show with with Ricky Ranking, AFROSPOT is back in the house this time starring
Reggae legend AFRICAN BUSH DOCTOR playing 
alongside the AFROSPOT ALL STARS featuring Kofi 
Adu, (Ghanian), Bilie (Kenya, Bass),
Abdul Rahim (Nigeria, Trombone), Phil Dawson 
(guitar), Adesose Wallace (percussion), Baba 
(Guine, flute) and Simian (Keys, Jamaica)
Plus DJ Will Page. Hosted by Kodjovi Kush 
(Soothsayers). Doors open 9pm 5 pounds before 10, 8 after.
Saturday 5th September: Satsang Collective 
presents: Beyond the Boarders, featuring the best 
Asian fusion acts from around the
globe. Starring charismatic rising clarinet 
star  ARUN GOSH "...upfront mix of South Asian 
melodies and western street-grooves, driven by a powerful
Indo-western rhythm section" (Guardian)plus YAK 
ATTACK -  funky hip hop rebel crew with a 
Himalaysian twist. Doors open 9pm. Doors open 9pm, 5
pounds before 10, 8 after.
Sunday 6th September: Cinematters at Passing 
Clouds presents the film 911 BLUEPRINT FOR TRUTH: Richard Gage presents
highly persuasive evidence collected by a large 
number of eminent international architects and 
engineers that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were
brought down by a controlled demolition and 
discusses the implications of this controversial claim.

Friday 11th September: On the 8th anniversary of 
September 11th, Passing Clouds presents the 911 DRESS UP COVER UP PARTY!
Come as your favourite joker from within the Bush 
administration! Passing Clouds will be standing 
in solidarity with other venues across London
including Notting Hill Arts Club, The Others, 
Brixon Jamm, The Boy's Club, Rampart Street, 
Trolley Gallery and crews including One Taste Collective,
Twelve Tone Collective, Stranger Than Paradise, 
Treehouse Cafe, We Are Change,, Trolley 
Gallery, Heads High Collective, United Diversity,
Peace Not War, Peckham Spike, Little Blue Ball 
Records, Run Riot +++ to seek a new investigation 
of 911 in honour of all the people who lost their
lives on that day an in the two foreign invasions 
that ensued. The tide is turning and we will stand for your lies NO MORE!
At Passing Clouds that night we will be screening 
ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, a superb documentary film 
on the Truth Movement in New York
with interviews with major politicians and other 
figures demanding a reinvestigation of 911. We 
will be joined by director DEAN PUCKETT who will be
discussing the film afterwards. Followed by 
spoken word from legends of the circuit DAVID J, 
MC ANGEL and ZENA EDWARDS, plus live music
from Dr DAS (Asian Dub Foundation), JOE 
Saturday 12th September: Passing Clouds presents 
the original rebel all the way from the Gambia, JALLY KEBBA SUSSO and BAND
playing high-velocity traditional, afro-funk 
fusion to dance to all night long with Otto 
Nascarella bringing us all the funk, Latin and Afrobeat you can
handle. It's your last time to groove with him 
before he heads back to Brazil (sob), so make the most of it!
Upstairs Kalabash and the Shadow take us on a 
journey through Ugandian sounds from the street. 
Doors open 9pm, five pounds before 10, eight after.
Sunday 13th September: Cinematters screens 
ZEITGEIST THE MOVIE. Now a classic for the 
conscious generation, Zeitgeist is still a
powerful expose of the designs of the global 
elite whilst presenting a peaceful new direction for mankind. 3 pounds entry.

Today, 24th August: Movimientos at Nottinghill 
Arts Club with Khantara  (Colombian Roots with 
Arabic/Gypsy inlfluence), alasVALS (folk fusion),
Cabezon Key (accoustic jazz fusion) and Mundo 
Pequeño (sublime Latin and global grooves). With 
DJs Cal Jader (Movimientos) and Koichi Sakai (Latin Mafia/Afrobeat
Vibration). 7pm-2am, Entry : £5 at Notting Hill 
Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JQ
27th - 30th August: Passing Clouds brings SCRAP 
DRAGON to SHAMBALA FESTIVAL a highly recommended 
intimate festival in Northamptonshire.
Shambala was awarded the 'Most Sustainable Event 
in the UK' Award in 2008. Tickets and more info 
at <>
everyone's favourite, small-scale alternative 
festival. Situated in Kent and featuring many
Passing Clouds bands. Very limited tickets, so 
hurry to get yours. More at 
27th Aug - 2nd September: CLIMATE CAMP: Following 
their actions during the G20 protests, the 
climate champions will be setting up camp again 
within the London area and they need you
to get involved. Join them on facebook, sign up 
to twitter or go to 
<http://www.climatecamp>www.climatecamp.  The 
camp aims to be a model of sustainable living. 
Learn how to construct a wind turbine,
  erect a marquee or cook for two hundred people. 
Sign up for text updates at 
8-11 September: The DESi arms trade fair is back 
at the Excel center in the Docklands: the world's largest fully integrated
'defense and security' exhibition, 'bringing 
together senior international trade and military 
experts from the entire supply chain in
an optimal business environment.' It beggars 
belief. If you are doing anything in protest, 
Passing Clouds applauds you. <>
Friday 11th September: Passing Clouds will be 
joining many venues across London to hold an 
event on the subject of 911 Truth in memory
of the people who died for government lies both 
in America and abroad. If you also feel strongly 
about this subject, get in touch and get involved!
London does not buy your terror lies!
18th - 20th September: ALCHEMY FESTIVAL - a 
'family friendly music festival at a secret location in Lincolnshine'
featuring Small World Solar Stage. More at 
FURTHER EDUCATION Thank you for your links - keep them coming....
In the run up to the 8th anniversary of 911, 
Passing Clouds is taking time to honour the 
international Truth Movement and all they have done to
expose the truth behind the 911 event that 
claimed and is still claiming thousands of lives 
due to the lies of a criminal faction within the US Government.
Passing Clouds will be promoting all counter 
information to media propaganda on this subject. 
If you are a journalist we urge you to take responsibility
and strive to present the truth on the issue at every opportunity.
We recommend the short film The Red Pill by Rudy 
Duboille on the hand that CIA has played in the 
destabilisation of all countries in the world
that dared to seek independence from American 
economic sovereinty from the 1940s till today: 

After all, let us remember, the CIA is the army 
of the financial elite, set up by Wall Street in 
the interests of Wall Street. Put nothing past them!

Stay educated on the implementation of Codex 
Alimentarius this November. A set of rules and 
regulations governing the production
and distribution of all food, brought about by 
the World Health Organisation, and outlawing 
vitamins and minerals and making the irradiation of food
and use of Monsanto growth hormones obligatory. 
We'll be covering this at the Permaculture 
Picturehouse on 01 September (details above),
but in the meantime: Lecture by Rima E Laibo 
Lecture by Ian 
IMPORTANT - Please sign the petition at the 
bottom of this email against Codex. Deadline 5th September
Take time to check our sponsor: - the 
best source of alternative information on the net.
Passing Clouds intrepid musical darlings Jack 
Yglesias and Otto Nascarella will be providing us 
with a weekly portal to new spiritual dimensions through choice
snippets of the musically weird and wonderous 
from around the globe. Kicking off this week with 
a little LAGOON MUSIC from deep within the Brazilian Rainforest
from conjurer of the sublime Hermeto Pascoal. 

That's all folks!adieu!


Petition against Codex Alimentarius
(it just means Food Code - the Latin name is just 
meant to confuse us or think its not to do with 
us, but it will affect everyone)

Dear Friends,
I know some of you will be familiar with this, 
for others you may not be aware of what 
parliament is about to do in your name.
Codex Alimentairus is a law designed to hand over 
the control of natural remedies to the 
pharmaceutical giants. One more attempt to
regulate us - with potentially dire consequences. 
Unless we take this last opportunity and act now 
we will not be able to buy vitamins or
health/nutritional supplements without a doctor's 
prescription - they will be banned from 31st December 2009.

You may think this can't happen, you may think 
why haven't I heard about this before. Ther 
reason is that there are vested interests,
giant multinational pharmaceutical companies, and 
it is not in their interest that you know about 
an oppose this. They and our lawmakers
in Europe are banking on public apathy. Despite 
considerable pressure already exerted our 
government is still planning to implement this

Like many health and safety matters this was 
started with good intentions, in 1962 by the 
United Nations, to establish international free trade
foods but has become a major threat to our civil 
liberties and freedom of choice. As the song 

Please, sign the petition to the Prime Minister. 
It takes 10 seconds! This is for our health and 
for the well-being of our children. Please click on the
link below...... DEADLINE IS 05 SEPTEMBER 09.

For more information google opposition to codex 
alimentarius or look on facebook and you'll see 
that the threat is very real and opposition is from
the people from all walks of life in many countries.

+44 (0)7786 952037

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic 
poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung
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