Vernon Burgess dreams of a Christmas No.1

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Skint star Vernon Burgess is dreaming of a Christmas No.1

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Nov 26 2009 by Kat Keogh, Birmingham Mail

HE'S probably Birmingham's most unlikely reality TV star.

But Vernon Burgess, a Big Issue seller and star of cult BBC1 show Skint, is back – and this time he's set his sights on scoring a Christmas No.1.

Vernon, who grew up in Kings Heath, shot to fame five years ago thanks to his star turn on Skint, which followed the likes of the former mechanic as they struggled to make ends meet.

The 44-year-old's cheeky chappie persona earned him his own spin-off show and he is now hoping to move back into the limelight with a charity Christmas single.

The track, called Vernon's Song, was recorded with the help of Moseley record producer Tim Sherlock-Brown and features backing vocals from girl band Belle Sorelle, who reached the boot camp stage of this year's X Factor.

"I'm really proud of it," said dad-of-two Vernon. "People who see me in the street remember me from Skint, but with the single they'll now remember me for two things."

Vernon, who now lives in a council flat in Brierley Hill, insisted that the song had the potential to beat this year's X Factor Christmas single.

"Everyone who has heard it so far has loved it," said Vernon. "The parts where I sing is about having people to lean on during the bad times and, after living on the streets for 19 months, it's good to raise money for homeless people."

Some 20 per cent of the profits will go to good causes, including homeless charity St Basil's, Caring at Christmas, Thames Reach and Liverpool Habitat for Humanity.

A Facebook group, Vernon's Song for Christmas No. 1, has attracted more than 600 members.

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