Tory ideas about- and Devon for real-housebuilding

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Sat Dec 12 21:21:48 GMT 2009

At High Bickington, Devon  co-operation between the local council and house- needy local villagers  means  to build 56 houses, some for  private sale, some to rent, some for part ownership and some available to  self builders on  several acres of a former County Council owned farmland.

The  new  green paper," Strong Foundations , Building Housing and Communities"  by Grant Shapps (Shadow Housing Minister)latches on to this as the way forward.

I see the way forward as self build groups up and down the country forming a lobby/ 'How to s-b' / team s-b advice and resource   group.

I have done  a paper, Houses to D I Y For, and am standing by for the rush of those wanting to co-operate.


James, Dorchester    
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