Spirit of Squatters at Hopenhagen

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Naomi Klein about GreenwashHagen Hopenhagen.-video
Spirit Of Squatters Collective 19 Dec 2009

link to video + Spirit Of Squatters Collective continue Climate Justice 
News here You can watch it:


Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=dont't loose 
it. Reclaim the media with us !
For the mainstream media if they would like to get the best quality they 
can contact us...

Naomi Klein talking about green wash.In the background subvertised 
imiges of Hopenhagen during COP 15.

The COP 15 is slowly finishing but our struggle must continue, so it 
would. COP 15 protests was big step forward in mobilizing Climate 
Justice movement in good direction to save the planet. Spirit Of 
Squatters will still continue to inform, reveal the truth, inspire, 
mobilize. Stay tuned.Check idymedia or also You can subscribe to us on:  
http://www.youtube.com/user/spiritofsquatters or here:  
We have a lot of footage, which even we worked hard we didn't use yet. 
All our news would be the puzzle for our documentary about COP 15 
protests. If You would like to contribute with Your footage, translation 
etc. let us know. Through our pages You can also support us financially, 
what would help us to stay focus on filming. Thanks for all of You for 
being with us, participating in actions, creating movement, fighting for 
Climate Justice and for all what we did together.

Spirit Of Squatters / Climate Justice News
We are giving a short report of everything that we see and experience 
here. Everyday you can check our pages, and use them. Pass the relation 
further. Reclaim the media with us. Change the climate for better (and 
not for business). With our activity we are supporting 
www.climate-justice-action , www.climatejusticenow.org , 
www.indymedia.org and other honest people who are really concerned about 
our planet. We would stand against any hypocrisy,fake solutions (like 
gmo, agro fuels, nuclear power, carbon trade or big part of official COP 
15 etc.), corporations, "green" capitalism etc.Here is the second 
part... So get inspired. Spirit Of Squatters.  

source: http://www.indymedia.org/el/2009/12/932642.shtml

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