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Re the Integrity of our land an its citizens, I have sent off this second letter in support of Garry Mc Kinnon..
Mr Alan Johnson,Home Secretary,

Home Office,  Queen
Anne’s Gate, London SW1  9AT                    31st December


Dear Mr Johnson,      


                      Campaign to refuse the extradition of Mr Garry
Mc Kinnon to USA


I wrote to the Home Secretary and received what appears to
be a standard reply from a Miss A Lean running to some  nearly two thousand words.


Would you please convey my thanks to Miss A Lean.


I would prefer to have a reply which acknowledges that the
Home Secretary has received and read my letter and addresses the points raised.  One might expect a government minister (which
means servant)   in a democracy to make
his or her primary consideration listening to and replying to the voice of a


Addressing the content of Miss Lean’s  letter, the unstated premise behind it is
that United States
government is  reputable and the US
legal system can be trusted.   


If  US is a rogue
state, a danger to democracy and world peace,  out of control, its legal system  execrable and army personnel  and prison warders are engaged in torture,
then there are higher considerations for HMG  than agreeing to extradition treaty with US,.


Mr Mc Kinnon is accused of acting against the interests of
the state of US , and the above considerations are therefore relevant to the question.


US is currently engaged in aggressive war in countries
thousands of miles from US
territory in Afghanistan
and  Iraq
and killing there tens of thousands of civilians and bombing Yemen  and Pakistan
causing deaths , injury and destruction and widespread terror.  These actions are undoubtedly pursued  on behalf of US  commercial interests, which the involvement
of Sec of State Rumsfeld in both war decisions and his company Halliday  demonstrate in Iraq.


Action by US against Iran
and North Korea
has been threatened and Russia
considers the setting up of an “anti” 
missile screen by US nearby as potentially aggressive.


In Guantanamo
prisoners have been denied human rights and treatment under the Geneva
Convention by US. This has been ‘justified’ at 
the highest US
state level 

In Iraq
‘s Abu Graib prison US people have been exposed as torturing and killing
civilians. Because of US actions the vocabulary of torture has extended to include
rendition and waterboarding.  The
destruction of the Iraq
local and central government  and
infrastructure under US
aegis is a criminal act causing misery to thousands.


One implication is that thousands of US war criminals and
torturers are at large there  after
discharge from the army.  There is no
guarantee that the US
prison staff are any different from the guilty US
army people, who may be re employed in prisons.


US is involved at state level with support for the rogue
state of Israel which is denying the human rights of millions of Palestinians
both in Israel, in Gaza and as refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt in
a different type of Holocuast but one as execrable as that in Hitler’s  Germany.. Within recent times Israel
has invaded Gaza, Lebanon
, Egypt and
bombed Iraq,
without  condemnation by US but with
their  support..


US has a deplorable record of intervention in Cuba,
Nicaragua, Panama
and Chile.


Mr Mc Kinnon’s action was not against  the US
public nor against the corporate sector 

But  against the US
government department actively implementing a policy of  international state terrorism 


In these circumstances US cannot be regarded as a state
likely to uphold  international
agreements  and therefore any assurance
given by US is not worthy of consideration.


If Mr Mc Kinnon were to be extradited to US and his  rights were not upheld by US  and the 
assurances given to HMG were broken, no actions by HMG would  be able to assist  Mr Mc Kinnon..


Permitting extradition of Mr Mc Kinnon under any
circumstances to US  will confirm to many
people in UK  that HMG is more in agreement with the
criminal regime of the US
than they are concerned to protect the rights of UK

The first concern of a credible HMG must be ending the
threat  to world peace which US poses and
not in sacrificing UK
citizens to aid  the criminal US Defense
Department policies.   


To people outside the UK
such an extradition  would  confirm UK
is more concerned to support the US
than uphold human rights.


Extraditing Mr Mc Kinnon whilst the discredited British war
criminal Mr Blair  walks free doesn’t
look good for a government claiming to uphold democratic and human values. 


I strongly urge the Home Secretary to acknowledge the  massive UK
support for Mr McKinnon in his preference to stand trial in UK
and not in US. 

 Yours faithfully,



James Armstrong, Dorchester .Citizen of U.K.






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