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How to Set up a Low Impact Smallholding
A weekend course at Monkton Wyld, Dorset
20-22 March, 2009
Jyoti Fernandes and Simon Fairlie of Chapter 7 will host this course,  
designed for people interested in starting their own low impact land- 
based projects. Both have been involved in setting up their own  
smallholdings (Fivepenny Farm and Tinker’s Bubble) and have many  
years experience in helping land-based projects gain planning  
permission. The course will cover self-built ecohomes and  
agricultural buildings, setting up agricultural and other  
enterprises, writing management and business plans, finding land,  
getting planning permission, etc. The course includes a site visit to  
Fivepenny Farm.

Caroline Walker
Monkton Wyld Court
01297 560 342
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