Usufruct: End Private Property to Solve the Financial Crisis and Create Food Security

karma karmagetiton at
Wed Feb 4 03:31:54 GMT 2009

...Usufruct is an old Roman term for the legal right to enjoying the 
replenishable fruits or profits from property owned by another. This 
includes the ability sell or let the enjoyment of the usufruct. But what 
if the owner was your local community? This would end private property.

In tribal communities usufruct means the land is owned in common by the 
tribe or community, but families and individuals have the right to use 
plots of land. Most native tribes owned land as a tribal group and not 
as individuals. The family never owned the land; they just farmed it. In 
a usufruct system, absentee ownership is not permitted. Modern usufruct 
examples include Cuba’s successful agricultural system, the traditional 
Mexico ejido system, and the right of native Canadian people to hunt and 
fish on Crown lands...

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