Eviction of travellers at Dale Farm ,Essex. Support needed

Massimo suburbanstudio at runbox.com
Thu Feb 5 15:18:13 GMT 2009

People on this list around London, Essex that are willing to help
out monitoring this eviction please contact the emails below :

info at gypsy-association.com


Dale.farm at btinternet.com

We are now facing a two-million pound eviction at Dale Farm because the
Court of Appeal upheld Basildon council's decision to go ahead with a
direction action operation against our homes and community centre.

So far more than 60 families have sent in homeless applications, still
hoping the council will provide us with an alternate place to live in
the form of a mobile-home park to which we could move.

But although they have promised to comply with their duties, the BDC
have already rejected our Joint Homeless Application and many individual
claims, alleging people have made themselves intentionally homeless.

BDC also claims it has no land for a caravan park and may only offer
flats or houses, despite being the biggest district in Essex with 45
square miles. A few families could be offered housing. But overall it
would mean the break-up of extended families and the community.

Dale Farm only wants planning permission. That's the commonsense
solution - and it would cost nothing. What we need now is the help of
supporters willing to act as Human Rights Monitors to see, if possible,
that the council and police act within the law.

The job of Monitors will be:

1) To assist in tracking our homeless applications (including attending

2) Attend meetings with BDC officials and police aimed at securing
agreement for the strict adherence to health and safety regulations and
for a church-supported evacuation plan for small children and sick
persons (before heavy machinery, bailiffs and riot police enter the site).

3) Be present at the eviction to help see these agreements (if made) are
upheld and to provide evidence of wrongdoing (with the possibility that
an injunction could be obtained to halt the week-long eviction before it
is completed.

PLEASE GIVE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS TO :    Dale.farm at btinternet.com

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