A question for those that know more about the Land Registry

mrzouk8 mrzouk8 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 15:28:25 GMT 2009

I recently received information form the Land Registry about a property
in London, apparently it was bought by Chiltern Hundreds Charitable
Housing Association for £7.6. million, however there is no mention of
whom they purchased the land off.

(there is other information prior to that going back to the 1800s, and
the British Land Company is in there somewhere, but no mention about the
Landlord selling the property)

I was wondering if someone would know more about Registered Social
Landlords records on the Land Registry, because apparently they are able
to purchase properties for £1, and then use the equity in the
property to buy more properties.

And there could be the off chance they had the details altered for these
purposes. (which I believe to be criminal)

If anyone knows the stance on this, it would be appreciated if the
information purtaining to Land Registry is used as a tool to enhance the


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