the spike surplus scheme ,Peckham, London has been evicted

Richard Goodgroome suburbanstudio at
Fri Feb 13 09:52:46 GMT 2009

The spike surplus scheme of 39b consort road, peckham, London has been
evicted. Bailiffs, cops, pcsos and "community wardens" are on site.

After a ten year project in the building which has been in community use
for 150 years, the property division of soutwark council have decided to
end the project. though they prmosied to give notice to clear the
projects equipment before eviction, southwark council gave instructions
to get a special court order so as not to give any notice at all.

jeremy pilgrim of the southwark council lead the police operation,
visiting the project for the first time this morning after many previous
invites to visit the community centre.

people have been told to liase with bailiffs in order to collect the
thousands of pounds worth of equipment still there.

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in these dark times when there is no money or jobs..we need communities
to look after each other. the spike surplus scheme was a community
project which had a live music and theatre rehearsal space, recording
studio, community garden, Dojo,wood workshop, painting studios and film
editing facilities.
all the facilities were operated on a donation basis to support the
impoverished are of peckham.
southwark council have been very effective in destroying such community
spaces and selling it off to private property developers. no wonder
there is so much crime in peckham..our youth have no means to channel
their energies into something creative and often turn to crime.


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