Boris promises to end rough sleeping by 2012

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Fri Feb 13 19:51:52 GMT 2009

Mayor promises to end rough sleeping by 2012

Fri, 13 Feb 2009 | By Beena Nadeem

The mayor of London has promised to tackle the problems faced by
homeless eastern European migrants in a strategy to end rough sleeping.

Boris Johnson has pledged to end rough sleeping in the capital by
2012, echoing a commitment made by the government in November.

His strategy states: ‘Migration is a significant factor in London,
where up to 20 per cent of rough sleepers are [eastern European]

It suggests more cooperation between agencies could help. The newly
launched London Delivery Board, a collaboration of London councils,
charities and government officials, will work with the UK Borders
Agency and Jobcentre Plus on the issue.

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