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Thu Feb 26 18:30:50 GMT 2009

Banquet at the Bank

12 noon, April 1st, Bank of England.

Bring friends and family food to share.

Come celebrate the future: a world no longer led by fools, a world
without war, unemployment, home repossessions or self-inflicted
climate chaos.

Music, theatre, and a convergence of communities.

The bankers, the politicians and their corporate cronies made the
foolish mess we're in. Only we the people can sort things out. Seize
the day. Close your business, take a
day off work and come out to play your part.

Meet 11.00am at either Moorgate, Canning St, Liverpool St or London
Bridge Railway station to move off at 11.30am. Four carnival horsefolk
of the apocalypse parades will proceed to the belly of the beast: The
Bank of England.

PS: Calling on all policefolk: call a sickie on 1st April.
PPS. for everyone else, General Strike?

1st April 2009 is the 360th Anniversary, and so we are going full
circle with the Diggers and the
beginnings of their short lived, but ever inspiring evolutionary
commune on St Georges Hill.

"The Earth a Common Treasury for All" was one of their watchwords so
let's stick it the Bank!
The poem attached, and at
mourns the loss - through the Acts of Enclosure, the "Tragedy of the
Commons" that the Diggers were responding to. Join us as we resurrect
their memory and relevance today, with our 'Full Circle Theatre' at
the Bank.

G20 Meltdown http://www.g-20meltdown.org/
Government of the Dead http://www.graveyard.at
Alter London Summit at Occupied UEL http://www.altg20.org.uk/
Other Student Occupations Info http://occupations.org.uk/
Facebook Event for Banquet http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=54476507445

More to follow as call out develops. Translations available on
request. Please network this info

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