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Fri Feb 27 18:27:22 GMT 2009

There is  a further round of eco towns consultation in process at
It appears that they are about to make the same mistake
- like a dog going back to its sick-
listening to the professionals who are responsible for this broken housing 
and who dont even know it is broken and dont admit they broke it.

I suggest you write , tell them, again, thaself build accounts for 16,000 new
 houses p.a.,, is thebiggest supplier of new houses in UK ,
 accounts for ten per cent of UKsupply
and is largely independent of the recession since the will is there to 
commence building without considerations of finding a buyer on completion.

I am requesting ten percent of sites in eco towns be set aside for self bui=
I have also asked the culture minister and the CEO of  Arts Council of England to promote self build as vernacular art,-the traditional medium in which the people  express their art.
The opportunity is to design 16,000 and more giant works of art to beautify our landscape 
every year (and confine  16,000 bad plans to the waste paper basket..)   


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