Morlands Site Occupation, Glastonbury, January 5th 2009

Richard Chisnall rchisnall at
Mon Jan 5 18:03:22 GMT 2009

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested

I visited the Morlands site today (January 5th). They had just had a
slightly unpleasant experience with a private security guard who, at
first, did not understand what squatters' rights entail, but the
situation was resolved amicably.

The space itself is perfectly servicable and would be excellent as
workshops for artists or similar: as things stand, the windows have no
glass in them, but the roofs and skylights are fine and don't leak.
The floors are especially good. The windows have been covered with
plastic, etc. so it's not too draughty.

The atmosphere is good, although last night wasn't very restful:
people were waking at the slightest sound.

There is a small police presence nearby, mainly CSOs, and they
understand that it's a civil case and say that they're on the spot to
keep the peace.

The occupation has already attracted the interest of the national
media, in the form of an ITV film crew, but as yet, no interviews have
been given - apart from this one (done by myself as an ordinary bod):

The following is a written statement from the Morlands crew: my
additions in [square brackets]

"Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone for their continuing support of
our situation. We now have a very comfortable, if cold, space and have
so far had a generally amiable experience with the police, CSOs and
even the security on site."

"We hope to have a verbal conversation with the [South West] RDA, but
we feel encouraged by the comments of the leader of Mendip District
Council [Harvey Siggs], and the general media response."

"We would like to stress that we believe in this site's potential and
are all becoming more attracted to the space as time progresses.
Again, thankyou for the support and wish us luck!"

"Best, the Morlands crew."

Inside, they're fairly comfy, but they need a few bits and pieces and
perhaps some supplies. Duvets, blankets and carpets would be a good
idea. There's a toilet but no water supply, so water for flushing
could be an issue. Local people have been showing their support by
bringing supplies but any support would be appreciated. Food is always

One item which would be very appreciated would be a gas heater (and a
cooker too, anyone?) that runs on propane (the red bottles), as the
one they've got isn't reliable at the kind of temperatures we've been


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